• You schedule a pick-up.

    Don't leave your seat. Book your pick-up online for all your dirty sneakers, shoes, or boots. 

  • We pick-up.

    You pack them in a box, our friendly driver collects your dirty sneakers & shoes. At your home or workplace.

  • You are walking FRESH!

    Your freshly cleaned footwear is delivered back to you within 48hrs (Ts&Cs apply).

Our purpose

We find our freedom in what we do. We get the chance to define ourselves and be part of a family. This is a legacy from our grandfathers, fathers, uncles and now us.

We are passionate about building an inspired South Africa. For each bottle of our Sneaker Cleaning Shampoo purchased, proceeds go towards our youth entrepreneurship development program; Sole Survivors - African Institute For Sneaker Cleaners & Cobblers.