Award Winning Premium
Quality Shoe Care Service

In collaboration with KIWI Shoe-Care, Walk Fresh is a boutique sneaker cleaning and shoe-care service providing the best Sneaker Cleaning, Suede/Nubuck refurbishing and maintenance, Shoe Shining and Repairing services for all footwear brands, makes and materials.

We find our freedom in what we do. We get the chance to define ourselves and be part of a family. Some of the processes and techniques we use are not found in textbooks or the Internet. They are original; these are skills handed down by those before us. This is a legacy from our grandfathers, fathers, uncles and now us. The skill of utilising a toothbrush for polishing shoes to using tissue paper for drying sneakers are those we have inherited.

For those of us who grew up in the township, our craft is our medium to narrate our culture and tradition to the world. Each day we are presented with an opportunity to preserve and to hold on to our grandfathers heritage of polishing shoes on Sunday afternoons for example. This gives us a sense of belonging and ownership.

To us, WALK FRESH is a home that provides a space for us to build one another and circulate positive conversation. In this home, we remind ourselves about the importance of contributing positively to the world. WALK FRESH is our hope for the opportunities unseen, and a hub filled with possibilities for every kid in our township. Our passion to create a brighter, more inspired community is what drives us and what informs our business model and brand strategy.

Award Winning!

Our Founder, Lethabo Mpho Mokoena, recently walked away with Entrepreneur of the year from the NYDA Awards.